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Fixes for Common Issues

We’ve put together a list of common issues and the videos that address them. Looking to train your horse to do flying changes? Maybe you want to improve your leg position? Are you training a young or green horse and need help? On this page you will find the videos to solve these issues and many more.

Fixes for Common Issues

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Angles & Narrows
Gina Miles

Angles & narrows are prominent obstacles found on the cross country course. In this segment, Gina shows us how to introduce the young or inexperienced horse to these types of jumps in the show jumping arena using confidence building exercises over smaller fences.

Running Time: 12 minutes and 5 seconds

Application of the Aids
Julie Winkel

Julie Winkel talks about the system she teaches for applying aids that produces seamless transitions and invisible, harmonious communication between rider & horse.

Running Time: 17 minutes and 37 seconds

Back Pain in the Horse
Dr. Rob Boswell & Dr. Geoff Vernon

Top sport horse veterinarians and back specialists, Geoff Vernon and Rob Boswell, discuss the various back problems that can crop up for our equine partners. They highlight the different treatment options from the most high-tech to over-the-counter remedies and provide advice to the everyday horseman on how to recognize back pain in your horse.

Running Time: 18 minutes and 48 seconds

Backing Issues
Bernie Traurig

Does your horse freeze when you ask him to back up? Perhaps he raises his head to evade the command and backs awkwardly with his head too high? Does your horse back crookedly or tense up in anticipation of a back or is he simply confused by what you are asking of him? If any of these issues sound familiar, Bernie created this topic just for you. Solving backing problems brings you one step closer to improving all your downward transitions, not to mention, your horse’s mouth.

Running Time: 16 minutes and 23 seconds

Balance in the Stirrups: The Half-Seat
Bernie Traurig

The Half-Seat is the cornerstone of the American Forward Riding System. In this topic Bernie reiterates just how essential it is to perfect this position.

Running Time: 7 minutes and 58 seconds

Banks & Drops
Gina Miles

In this video, Gina describes her system of introducing horses to banks & drops. As with all new concepts, the key to building the horseʼs confidence in the face of a new challenge, is to go slowly. The riderʼs drop position is highlighted, focusing on appropriate balance, leg position and contact with the horseʼs mouth for safety and stability in the tack.

Running Time: 13 minutes and 27 seconds

Beginning Relational Ground Work with the New or Young Horse
Robin Waugaman

Robin Waugaman shares her principles for developing a healthy working relationship with your equine partner. Building a foundation with your horse literally from the ground up deepens the bond between horse and rider. In this topic, Robin works with a four year old Thoroughbred gelding from the ground, establishing essential communication that fosters trust and confidence. Her empathetic approach focuses on common sense observation utilizing proven methodology that will translate from the ground as well as from the saddle.

Running Time: 28 minutes and 35 seconds

Bending Lines
Team Karazissis

Kost and Jenny discuss and demonstrate your many options when it comes to correctly navigating bending lines.

If you liked this video and want to learn more about perfecting a bending line, check out Missy Clark's topic Landing the Lead for Seamless Bending Lines.

Running Time:  17 minutes and 23 seconds

Bernie Talks About His Greatest Influences
Bernie Traurig

Bernie pays tribute to some of the extraordinary instructors, riders and horsemen he has been privileged to learn from throughout his career - Vladimir Littauer, Stephan Von Vischy, Richard Wadjen, Bert DeNemethy, Johan Hinneman, Christolot Boylen, Rodney Jenkins, George MorrisBill Steinkraus, Frank Chapot & Mike Smithwick.

Running Time: 1 minute and 18 seconds

Bernie's Big Bag of Bits
Bernie Traurig

Does the sheer volume and variety of bits adorning tack shop walls today overwhelm you? Would you like to have a bit selection guideline that follows classical principals with your horse’s comfort at the forefront? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Bernie has pared down a list of his favorite go-to bits that will simplify and positively influence your bitting choices. As a clinician, Bernie travels around the country and abroad literally lugging around a bag of bits. Extra baggage fees aside, he finds that having his favorite bits at hand, ringside to be invaluable. Time and again he has come to believe that experimentation is key as long as you are listening to your horse’s sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious acceptance of and/or objection to the mouthpiece.

Running Time: 6 minutes and 46 seconds