Turnkey Online Equestrian Instruction Program

EDU Instructor Kit

All-in-one Online Coursework and Perks for Coaches
We’ve put together a complete package for Equine Studies Programs. Whether you are teaching completely online or looking to supplement live classes, these videos classically adhere to the American Hunter/Jumper Forward Riding System.
About Us is the world’s leading online instruction site for equestrians. Membership grants coaches and students access to a library of almost 400 videos by 65 Olympic, Championship & World Class Coaches contributing their coaching, teaching & training techniques. You'll gain a lifetime of education for riders, trainers & coaches with topics for all levels—Beginners to Olympic caliber. A variety of topics for everyone including: Jumpers, Hunters, Equitation, Eventing, Dressage, Horsemanship, Veterinary, Equine Dentistry, Fitness, Sports Psychology, Vintage Footage, Thoroughbred Training, Safety Tips & More!


“Bernie Traurig, one of this country’s most accomplished riders, has assembled a world-class group of guest coaches to produce an equestrian education site like none other, The IHSA whole-heartedly endorses this phenomenal tool for its coaches and students.”

- Bob Cacchione Founder of the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association

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Affordable Options

Depending on how your school operates, you can purchase memberships for a semester or a full year.
$50 per student/coach for a 6-month membership
$99 per student/coach for a 1-year membership

There are two options for payment. We can either invoice the school directly or give you a unique coupon code so students can purchase individually at the discounted rate. There is a minimum of a six membership purchase to get the testing booklets and other perks outlined below, but the discounted membership has no minimum purchase requirement.


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Below is a list of what is included with this turnkey system!


Interactive Test Booklets

We will provide you two sets of interactive testing booklets based on the American Hunter/Jumper Forward riding system. These quizzes are interactive, which means students can click on the right answer (requires Acrobat Reader which is free) and return to you the completed quiz for grading. A simple answer key is provided for instructors.

The videos based on the quizzes in these test booklets include (click the title to watch previews of the videos):


Testing Booklet One

A Brief History of the American Hunter-Jumper Forward Riding System by Bernie Traurig

Fundamentals of Flatwork - Part 1 - Basic by Bernie Traurig

Fundamentals of Flatwork - Part 2 - Intermediate by Bernie Traurig

Fundamentals of Flatwork - Part 3 - Advanced by Bernie Traurig

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 1 by Bernie Traurig

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 2 by Bernie Traurig

Building Blocks to A Great Position: Part 3 by Bernie Traurig

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 4 Jumping Phase with Zazou Hoffman by Bernie Traurig

Building Blocks to a Great Position: Part 5 To Sit or Not to Sit by Bernie Traurig

Controls of the Horse Part One - Rein Aids by Bernie Traurig

Controls of The Horse Part Two - Leg Aids by Bernie Traurig


Testing Booklet Two

Bending Lines by Team Karazissis

Fundamentals of Flying Changes by Bernie Traurig

Form Follows Function by Cynthia Hankins

Form Follows Function Over Fences by Cynthia Hankins


Suggested Coursework

We have put together a list of suggested coursework for all disciplines. This will include links to easily access these selections. We also provide a list of “Common Problems and How to Fix Them” so students can easily find a video to help with common issues.


Video Concierge Service

Coaches will have access to a concierge to help them find any videos they may need. Simply send us a quick note on what you are looking for or the problem you are trying to fix and our experts will give you links to videos and blog posts on the topic.


Highest Priority for "Ask the Experts"

Students will be given highest priority for our "Ask the Experts" panel. We’ve put together a team of experts to create the ultimate way to get help from Equestrian Professionals without leaving your home. You can learn more and view our all-star panel here:


Interactive Educational Webinar with Bernie Traurig and Free Faculty Memberships

For those who purchase 20 or more $99 1-Year Memberships, you will get a 60-minute interactive webinar with Bernie Traurig. Everyone from your program can log on and participate in this live discussion. Topics will be customized to your school’s needs. You will also receive two free memberships for faculty members.


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