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Looking for a turnkey solution for your classroom? We've developed an all-in-one online course with perks for coaches

We are proud to announce an affordable, all-in-one package we’ve put together for Equine Study Programs. We’ve created interactive test booklets, a list of suggested coursework, video concierge services, interactive webinars, and more. For less than the price of an average textbook, coaches and students can have access to a library of almost 400 videos by 65 Olympic, Championship & World Class Coaches contributing their teaching & training techniques.

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67% Off For Qualifying Coaches and Students
$99 for Annual Memberships

Students who are currently enrolled in an equine studies program or belong to an educational organization such as IHSA, IEA, USPC, etc. qualify for a discount coupon code for an annual membership. Coaches who train at least one rider who is a member of an educational organization also qualify for this discount. (Coaches do not necessarily need to belong to the organization or school themselves, but at least one rider does). Once you qualify, the discount can be given to anyone, even if they are not associated with any educational organization.

How easy is this? Fill out the form below and we will send you a coupon code which will discount our annual memberships to just $99 per year. Once you receive your code, pass it along to anyone and they can sign up on our site for $99!

If you are interested in a full instructor kit including test booklets for the same discounted price, click here to check out our turnkey instructor package for schools.


Request Your Discount Code


1) Fill out the form below. As part of the form you will enter a coupon code you would like assigned to you. This is the coupon code that you will use and give to others to discount our annual membership to $99. The coupon code can be of your choosing, however it cannot contain spaces or special characters. We find most people like to use their barn or school name. So for example, if your barn was named ACME Stables, you could choose ACME or ACMESTABLES as your coupon code.

2) Once your form is submitted, we will review your registration information and e-mail you once your code is active.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact Cori at